Monday, 12 May 2008

Ancient Hedgerows

Cow parsley and nettles
There are remnants of ancient hedgerows in the most unexpected places, not necessarily always in the countryside. My lunchtime walk takes me along a cycle path that crosses a small river. The hedgerows contains elderflower (about to blossom), hawthorn, crab-apples, wild-roses, nettles, cow parsley, wild flowers, a variety of butterflies and many different birds. This little tucked walk was the inspiration for my Hidden Swindon blog and each foray brings a new discovery. The empty nest that I spotted in the bare branches of a hawthorn hedge back in January had a pigeon nesting in it a couple of weeks ago - I don't know if there are any fledgling pigeons as someone once said that you never actually see baby pigeons.

May blossom