Friday, 4 July 2008

The Service of the Grail

In this illustration, Lancelot sleeps under an apple tree - always symbolic as the Tree of Knowledge.

"Long, long ago, so long ago, that it was almost in fairy-tale times, there lived in England a great magician named Merlin. He was wise and powerful and did many wonderful deeds of magic so that everyone looked on him with awe and reverence ........"
[Illustrations by Mackenzie, taken from ARTHUR AND HIS KNIGHTS by Christine Chaundler.]
The Service of the Grail
Go, heart, unto the lamp of light,
Go, heart, do service and honour.

The Grail is a lamp of light, life, and love that brings solace only when someone is willing to serve. When we align our heart with need and honour, the heart becomes itself becomes lamp at which light is kindled. When the heart is alight with service, the flame can pass freely from heart to heart. [Taken from Celtic Spirit by Caitlin Matthews]

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