Thursday, 24 July 2008

The Well

Today I spent some time in the beautiful walled garden at Lydiard Park (see Hidden Swindon).
A garden of great tranquility and peace, planted with all the traditional English garden flowers. Butterflies (seemingly scarce this year) and bees were in profusion. An the very heart of the garden was an open well, just covered by a metal grid.
On this day, the anniversary of my father's death, I reflected awhile on other lost friends - Chris, who taught me the meaning of unconditional love; and Michael who showed me the true meaning of integrity - both dear, much missed friends. I found myself thinking of these words from a song by Beth Nielson Chapman.

Deeper Still
To give my life beyond each death
From a deeper well of trust
To know that when
There is nothing left
You will always have
What you gave to love.
In this life the love you give
Comes back around
To be your treasure
What you lose will be what you win
A well that echoes down
Too deep to measure.
A silver coin rings down that well
You can never spend too much
A diamond echoes deeper still
You will always have
What you gave to love.
(Beth Nielson Chapman/David Wilcox - 2000)